Flotsam and Jetsam Garden Club
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meetings are held at
The Greater Hansville Community Center
6778 Buck Lake Road
Hansville, WA  98340

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Nancy Peregrine
Image by Malee Warren
"A garden requires patient labor
and attention. Plants do not grow
merely to satisfy ambitions or to
fulfill good intentions. They thrive
because someone expended
effort on them."    
         ~Liberty Hyde Bailey
Our mission highlights education - education by
each other, scholarships, guest speakers and our
own horticultural talks. By example, we are
educators for our community, our neighbors and
families. We give time, money and talent towards
philanthropy and our mission, "to support, local and
regional efforts in preservation, conservation and
beautification. I am confident that our mission and
our gardens will grow another 50 years.
Whether we manage a few containers of flowers or
acres of trees, gardening is both intimately local
and widely global. We curate our patch of earth,
tending it with love, inviting nature, beauty and
food. We nourish our planet. We nourish our souls.
"Gardens are not
made by singing
'Oh, how beautiful,'
and sitting in the

~Rudyard Kipling
Every garden year is a new beginning. We dig, we
compost, visit friend's gardens, worry over new
plantings, snip and admire our handiwork. We
learn, dream and plan for next year. For me, that's
what gardening is all about. As President of the
Flotsam and Jetsam Garden Club, it's about even
more. This is our 49th year and a good time to
review what we're about as we transition into our
next 50 years.