Flotsam and Jetsam Garden Club
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meetings are held at
The Greater Hansville Community Center
6778 Buck Lake Road
Hansville, WA  98340

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Image by Malee Warren

This year, I think we should focus on sharing. We all share our lives with each other-
maybe over a cup of coffee, maybe around a bonfire on a Friday evening, in line at the
grocery store or during a break in our meetings.

We all love playing in the garden. Let's think about sharing our knowledge, our secret
hacks, our best color combinations or our favorite no-fails that always please us. Let's
share our art projects, our half-finished garden beds and our inspirational nooks where
we love to sit.

My garden is never done - nor are many of my projects - but I have little places that I just
love to look at. It would never be suitable for a magazine spread but might inspire you to
do something fun at your place. Let's invite each other to have "imperfect garden tours"
this year - weeds and all. We all promise not to notice the imperfections! Let's celebrate
the journey, not just the final destination.
President's Message
M.J.Strahm, President
Flotsam and Jetsam Garden Club