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has a great website for native plants for Kitsap County.  Dave Peters, Kitsap County
Recycling Coordinator, has posted a list of native plants that will work well in our area.
He lists the common name, scientific name, site conditions and comments about the

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North Willamette Research & Extension Center has a website with a
commercial production vegetable guide for the Northwest. It is the latest and
most up-to-date info available -- content comes from students doing research and
publishing it on this website and it's tailored to the NW.

Check it out for yourself at
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Seed Germination Requirements with suggested planting dates for the Garden
Sale used to appear on the inside back page of the Membership Directory. Since our
list of Donors and Nurseries have happily grown to two pages instead of one we will
provide a link to the guidelines here instead of the directory. The guidelines are from
the Oregon-Washington Master Gardener Handbook.

Download Master Gardener Guidelines

Territorial Seeds provides a more in depth guideline (not geared to our Garden Sale
timelines in particular) but has all sorts of useful information for year round plantings.

Download Territorial Seed Planting Chart
Grow Kingston Giving Garden Harvest Update

If you happen to have excess produce from your own garden we encourage you to
drop it by ShareNet on Tuesday's and Friday's around 9 am.  And, as always, we'd be
happy to have you join us for our weekly garden work parties at the Giving Garden
from 10-noon. (7029 NE Crawford Rd, Kingston)
Natural Bug Repellents that are safe for your family

Just when summer is in full swing, and you need to – and want to – spend more time
in your garden, you can get sidetracked by bugs. As a gardener, you’ve probably
done your homework on how to keep pests away from your plants, but what about
keeping them away from you?
See article by Tricia Drevets at Daves Garden.

Use essential oils to make your own bug repellent.
Beginning Gardening - The 5th grade children at Kingston, NY are learning about
gardening and suggested that this article about
planting a flower garden would be an
excellent resource for other children to have. We concur and thank them for their input.

Another good resource we have discovered is Michael McGroarty's
The Gardener's
Secret Handbook. It is a free Ebook that talks about dirt, composting, beginning
landscaping, weeds, pruning, and other beginning topics. If you are just beginning I
highly recommend it.